Flexibility, precision and innovation are at the core of our philosophy.

Luxinox production is entirely in-house. Thanks to our comprehensive range of modern CNC machinery, we offer high quality precision-machined milling, turning and drilling services.


Premium quality materials guarantee the excellence of your product.

Luxinox processes multiple types of materials.


Latest generation machining for every purpose.



From the early stages of the project, our highly knowledgeable and qualified staff will be able to support our clients with product development. Our precision machining is applicable to the following areas…

Luxinox s.r.l. - Una vasta gamma di lavorazioni.

A digital evolution for a smarter factory.

Smart factory

Industry 4.0 integrates new production technologies in order to improve work conditions

Automation and competitivity

The introduction of automation allowed to optimise production and bring significant benefits


Lean manufacturing, quality products and a “Zero Waste” goal.

The progress of the individual component is being constantly monitored throughout all stages of the production process through the UNI EN 1SO 9001:2015 quality management system. This allows us to reduce costs, guarantee delivery times and make sure to always meet the required quality standards.


Luxinox s.r.l. - Luxinox cresce ed amplia il proprio stabilimento
Luxinox grows and expands the factory
Luxinox s.r.l.- Luxinox amplia il parco macchine
Luxinox acquires new machinery
Luxinox s.r.l. - Luxinox amplia il proprio parco macchine con l’acquisto di un impianto di lavaggio IFP KP 100 BASIC
Luxinox expands its fleet with the acquisition of a IFP KP 100 BASIC washing plant
Luxinox s.r.l. - Luxinox sta cercando un tornitore cnc e un fresatore cnc da integrare nel proprio team
Luxinox is looking for one CNC turning technician and one CNC milling technician to integrate into its team