25th  July 2023

BIGLIA BMX 45 Y2 turning center

New arrival in the turning department. A BIGLIA BMX 45 Y2 turning center (…)

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9th  September 2022

MAZAK HCN-5000 machining center

The first Luxinox FMS line is operational. It consists of the Mazak HCN-5000 horizontal machining center and the Palletech High Rise System 500N (…)

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26th  August 2022

Coordinate measuring machine DEA GLOBAL S BLUE

Our quality control department is now equipped with a new CMM model Dea Global S Blue 071005 (…)

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Luxinox s.r.l. - Lavorazioni meccaniche CNC

8th  April 2022

Multitasking CNC machine MAZAK INTEGREX I-200H-ST

Luxinox multitasking department is growing with the acquisition of the new MAZAK INTEGREX I-200H-ST, equipped with 5 continuous axes…

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Luxinox s.r.l. - Lavorazioni meccaniche CNC

12th  November 2021

Optical measuring machine VICIVISIONM309 TECHNO

M309 TECHNO is an optical measuring machine for the external dimensional monitoring of cylindric elements.

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3rd  May 2021

New MURATEC MT200 GT3 turning machine

LUXINOX is expanding its machinery with the acquisition of a new MURATEC MT200 GT3 lathe.

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22nd  April 2021

Luxinox grows and expands the factory

Our new factory plant will allow us to grow in terms of production volumes while allowing smoother and more effective operations (…)

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15th  October 2020

Luxinox acquires new machinery

Luxinox is expanding the production department with the acquisition of a new robotic island equipped with a Fanuc Robot.

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29th  September 2017

Luxinox expands its fleet with the acquisition of a IFP KP 100 BASIC washing plant

Luxinox expands the technology at the service of its customers with an IFP KP 100 BASIC washing system which stands out for its vacuum system that covers all phases (washing, drying, deodorisation, distillation).

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